Display Home For Sale!

We are excited to bring you the unique opportunity to own one of our stunning display homes! This gives you guaranteed rent while the display operates. Beautiful upgrades to every aspect of the homes. Prime location amongst other beautiful display homes. We are also...

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Orlara Display Launch

We are excited to announce the opening of our Villa Series, on display at Clydevale Estate - Saturday the 10th of June! Come down for a great day, see our awesome homes, prize draws, kids fun and the launch of our Villa...

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Waterman Interview

A few months ago, Brad Davidson had the opportunity sit down with the team at Waterman Business Centre and have a chat about the progress of the business since setting up the Davidson and Orlara office in the Waterman Centre...

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Orlara Homes Launch Update

Part of the Davidson Building Group is 'Orlara Homes' who are gearing up to launch the Villa series, opening soon at Clydevale Estate. Check out this short video from Graeme, Brad and Simon on some of the key features of these homes....

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The Buying Guide for New Home Owners

What you need to know when you move in. it can be exciting to move into a new home, but don’t get distracted by all the shrubberies and housewarming party ideas you want to get started on. you first have to get the essentials taken care of, and that means buying the...

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How to Tell When You Have Asbestos in Your Home

How to deal with asbestos in your home. asbestos is something many home owners fear, particularly those who have older homes in australia. there is perfectly good reason to have some apprehension toward it. it is increasingly understood that asbestos is quite...

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How Does a Home’s Value Change Over Time?

owning a home is a massive financial commitment and one of the largest you will ever make. that’s why it comes as no surprise that many people want to know how the value of their home will change over time. will it increase or decrease in value? unfortunately, the...

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